Jerome Rasky

Software Engineer


I’m Jerome Rasky, a software engineer from California currently pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

Through my work as an intern in a number of positions, as well as my general experience in a wide-ranging set of skills in computer science, I have the experience to take on almost any challenge.

Interesting challenges are really what I strive for, especially in my personal projects. When I started my operating system kernel as a side-project, I had very little idea how many functions of an operating system actually came together. It took a lot of searching and learning to be able to accomplish the ideas that I had built up in my mind.

Beyond just computer science, I’m always searching for the next challenge to take on. I am currently the Vice Presidence External of the UBC Computer Science Student Society, charged with the annual Technical Career Fair. Managing this event has challenged my time management and communication skills like never before. Taking responsibility for people and deadlines is something that I wasn’t very used to before, but something that I’m quickly learning to do effectively.

On the side, I also like to have some fun. Life isn’t complete without good friends and good food, both of which are things I strive for daily. I’m excited for things to come, and for where my life will bring me in the next few years.